Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Foray Into the World of Blogging

Well Ladies and Gentleman I have decided to try my hand at blogging.  This is not some big idea to make money or try win some awards for writing. Just something that has been floating around in my head for awhile now. I am by no means a trained journalist of any kind. I just feel I have all this knowledge, I should share it with the cyberworld. My thoughts will be out there to be read whether it is by one person, 100 or more. So here goes...
For my introductory post, I will give everyone a little background about me as it pertains to my subject and what I am going to write about.  As you may or may not surmise from the title of my blog, HardballCrazy, I will be writing about baseball. Why baseball? It was my first love as a kid and I have followed the game ever since. My first real recollection of baseball is when I was roughly 8 years old. My younger brother and I visited a friend's house during a summer to play. During that particular stay, I was introduced to baseball cards and was given a few. I was hooked immediately on them. I enjoyed seeing the players I watched on tv and saw their stats on the back of a piece of cardboard right in front of me. I did play some baseball and watched some games on tv, but when I started to collect baseball cards on my own I gained a desire to learn more about the game and the players. I began spending my allowance on baseball cards, reading books and magazines about baseball, watched baseball games and other related shows on tv like Baseball Bunch or This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen.
Sports was always a staple of television as I grew up in the 1980s in our Michigan home. I guess it has something to do with my mom and us 2 boys primarily being the household. Boys being boys.  My mom had always been a sports fan also and let us watch many games on television. We had on tv whatever sport that was in season -baseball, football, basketball, the Olympics and even some golf and tennis. But baseball was what I enjoyed the most and had dreams of becoming a pro ballplayer as many other kids did. During the summer I would listen to Ernie Harwell do Detroit Tigers when there was no games on tv, which was often since I didn't have cable growing up. As I got older and my dreams of being the next Alan Trammell or Kirk Gibson diminished, I still followed the game and collected baseball cards. I do play softball recreationally and participate in a  fantasy league each year currently.
So that gives you a some background about me. You may be wondering what specifically I am going to write about. I will try keep my posts of national interest. My readers from other states will have no idea what I am talking about or have interest locally, so I will keep everyone involved. I am not here trying to be an insider of the game or answer your fantasy questions. I will just give my thoughts on the news of the day. Do some bio/history of players of the past or even some trivia. Maybe we all will learn something while discussing the game. I thank those who are reading this and hope you all come back. Have a good day.. 

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