Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Historical Father/Son Moment

Just about every boy is introduced to the game of baseball through their father.  Whether it is going to their first game together or just playing catch with each other in the yard.  There is some fortunate ones that have their dads as professional players.  These kids get hang to out at a professional stadium and learn the game from the best players and coaches.  Many of these follow in their dad's footsteps and become big league players also.
There is literally dozens of current major leaguers that are sons of former big leaguers and even a third generation family of major leaguers in the Hairstons(Sam-Jerry,  Johnny-Jerry Jr. and Scott).  Here is a complete list of father/son tandems in baseball history:
There has even been a couple big leaguers who played along with their fathers on the same team.  One is Tim Raines Jr and his dad who played together for the Baltimore Orioles in 2001.

1991 Score

The other pair, Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr,  did something so unique that it would be difficult to duplicate ever again in baseball.  Ken Griffey who already had a distinguished career in the big leagues as a part of three All Star games and winning two World Series titles with the Cincinnati Reds, signed with the Seattle Mariners in August of 1990.  When he did this he joined his son who already had been with Seattle since 1989.
On September 14, 1990 against the California Angels history was made.  Ken Griffey Sr. came up to bat in the first inning with one runner on and hit a home run over the left centerfield wall off of Kirk McCaskill.  Griffey Jr due up next, greeted his dad at the plate and promptly did the same thing-hitting a home run to left centerfield.  Thus becoming the only pair of father/sons to hit home runs in the same game and obviously only ones to go back to back.

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