Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In Case You Missed It: Hidden Ball Trick

This past weekend, Los Angeles Dodgers' Juan Uribe became a victim of the hidden ball trick. It was pulled off by Tampa Bay Rays. If you watch the play, it looks like a designed play.  It would not surprise me at all as the Rays' manager, Joe Madden is one of the most innovative managers in the majors.  Most often, the hidden ball trick is executed when the infielder fakes the throw to the pitcher and waits for the runner to get off the bag before tagging him out.
Here is the play:
I would like to add something that the announcer failed to mention. In order to make the play successful, the pitcher has a vital role.  The pitcher must be off the rubber entirely. If he has his foot on the rubber as if he is ready to pitch and without the ball, the ruling is a balk. The runners advance one base.  Also, if the pitcher has the ball while on the pitching mound, the infielder can not attain the ball again for the hidden ball trick.  The infielder must get the ball while still in play before the pitcher gets it.
So the rule of thumb for the baserunners out there. Do not leave the bag until you see the pitcher toe the rubber.   Otherwise, you might become a victim of the hidden ball trick.

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