Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baseball 101: Keeping Score

Well, another season of baseball has started.  As you are watching games, the announcers may reference scoring results on plays if you are keeping score.  But how many fans are keeping score or actually know how to? So I will take you all to school and teach you.
You will need a scorebook and a blank sheet looks like this:

It is pretty easy to do. First all each player in the field is represented by a number according what position he plays:
1: pitcher
2: catcher
3: 1b
5: 3b
6: ss
7: LF
8: cf
9: rf
Each column on the scoresheet represents an inning. when you begin a new inning, a new column is started. each square is a player's at bat. Some sheets have little squares for balls and strikes. some don't. If you want to keep track of it is up to you.
Each play has a way of scoring:
A flyout or line drive out caught would be F-(to the position number. e.g. F-8-for flyball to CF or F-5 for pop up to 3b)
Groundout would be pos # to pos #. for example groundout to SS would be 6-3. each fielder who touches the ball is recorded in the scorebook. e.g doubleplay could look like 6-4-3 or pitcher deflecting a ball to second basemean and he throws ball to first for an out would look like 1-4-3.
Strikeout would be shown by a K. a K like this is one is for a swing and miss and if batter strikes out looking. a backwards K would be made.
If  batter reaches base on a walk, BB( intentional walk-IBB) hit by pitch, HBP, and on error by fielder, E-(guilty position number-E-8(for a flyball dropped by CF)
Of course for a hits are represented as 1b, 2b, 3b or HR.
When a player reaches the base, a line is drawn to each base he reaches and diamond is colored in when he  scores after all the lines are drawn on base paths.
A player advances on a wild pitch(wp), passed ball(pb), a balk(bk) or stolen base(sb) is written between the bases he advanced to and from. 
When are down with an inning. runs, hits,errors and players left on base(LOB) are tallied up on the bottom
and you are ready to start the new inning in the next column.
When a sub comes in for a player, he is listed in the spot in order of the player he is replacing and what inning the substitution is made is also usually noted.
The pitchers stats are kept individually at the bottom of the page.
 It should look something like this:
Of course, the scoring is done by you and is for you.  You can make it as personal as you want. You will be the one reading it and referencing back to it in the future.  Some scorekeepers may put a star next to an out where a spectacular play was made in the field.  Some may put a line to what direction the hits were made. Did he pull the ball or hit the ball up the middle? It is all up to you.
I hope you understand how to score a game, it can be a fun way to keep track of the game and the players.

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