Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Martinezes of Baseball

One of the more recently acquired Detroit Tigers is outfielder J.D. Martinez.  When Martinez joined the Tigers he became a teammate of Victor Martinez(no relation).  It got me thinking of the number of MLB players in the past and present with a surname of Martinez.  And how a good number of them turned out to be very good players.
So,  I will take some time and mention some of the more notable Martinezes in MLB history.  There has been a total of 44 players in MLB history with a last name of Martinez and here are my top nine:

9) Dave : Outfielder(1986-2001). He played for several teams, most notably with the Cubs, Expos and Giants. He once played for four different teams in one season(Devil Rays, Cubs, Rangers and Blue Jays in 2000). He has been the bench coach for Tampa Bay since 2008 and could be a future manager.

8)Buck: Catcher(1969-1986). He had a very average big league career as a backup catcher mostly for the Royals and Blue Jays.  He did become a manager for the Blue Jays for a brief time.  Buck has had most success as a broadcaster. He has worked for ESPN, TBS and does Blue Jays game full time now.

7)Tippy: Pitcher(1974-1988). He spent most of his career with Baltimore. Was an All Star and World Series Champion in 1983.  He is once picked off three runners off at first base in one inning.

6)Ramon: Pitcher(1988-2001). One time ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was an All Star in 1990 and pitched a no hitter in 1995.

5)Victor: Catcher/DH(2002-present) The current Detroit Tiger and former Indian and Red Sox has developed into one of the finer hitters in the game. He is 4x All Star and has won a Silver Slugger in 2004

4)Tino: First Base(1990-2005). Former World Series hero of the Yankees also played for Mariners and Cardinals.  Tino won four World Series championships while in New York and has been named to two All Star games. He also won a Silver Slugger and won the HR Derby in 1997.

3)Dennis: Pitcher (1976-1998). Most notably with Orioles, Expos and Indians. He is the all time winningest pitcher in MLB history for Latin Americans.  He was a four time All Star, a World Series Champion and pitched a perfect game during his career.

2)Edgar: DH(1987-2004) Spent his entire career with Seattle and mostly as a DH, He is regarded as one of the all time best designated hitters. The DH of the year award is named on his behalf.  Edgar's accolades include: 7x All Star, 5x Silver Slugger and 2x Batting champion. He also won the Roberto Clemente award in 2004.

1)Pedro Pitcher(1992-2009) younger brother of Ramon is a sure fire future Hall of Famer. Pitched for Expos and Red Sox most notably. He was a 8x All Star including an MVP in 1999 game. 3x Cy Young Award winner,  Led league in wins once, ERA-five times and strikeouts, three times.  He won a World Series with Red Sox in 2004.

One honorable mention to the list is Reginald Martinez Jackson.  That is the full name of none other than Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson. 
Couple sidenotes on my list of Martinezes.  Pedro and Ramon are the only ones above who are related to each other.  Also several of the above players were teammates with each other: Pedro and Ramon both with Dodgers and Red Sox, Tippy and Dennis with the Orioles and Tino and Edgar with the Mariners.

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