Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to Handle a Heckler

If you have played any sort of organized sport, you have more than likely been a target of hecklers.  Most professional athletes have learned how to block them out, but they are still humans and do hear them on occasion.
Athletes also on occasion do have a little fun with the overexuberant fan.  Cincinnati Reds All Star second baseman Brandon Phillips just did that this week.   Phillips who is known to be very fan friendly was getting heckled in a game at Pittsburgh.  Phillips decided he had enough and tossed the fan an autographed baseball with a special note on it:

Phillips also posed with the fan with no ill feelings:

Nice job Brandon. I am sure you just gained a fan from a rival team.
Another great response by a ballplayer was from Tony Gwynn Jr from a couple years back:
These are two great examples of baseball players having fun with the fans and in turn made the ballpark experience more enjoyable for everyone.

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