Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My 2016 Hall of Fame Vote

The 2016 Hall of Fame class will be announced on Wednesday.  So, I will give you all my ballot (if I was an actual voter) and who I think will be enshrined in Cooperstown in late July.
This year's first timers on the ballot include Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman and Jim Edmonds.  Griffey, of course, is a no brainer. He should be a threat to be the first ever unanimous inductee.  Hoffman will get plenty of votes and Edmonds may or may not have enough to stay on the ballot.
1989 Fleer
A voter can vote for as many as ten players each year and the player must have 5% of total votes to stay on the ballot for the following year.  Here are the players I voted for:
Ken Griffey Jr.
Alan Trammell (his last year on the ballot)
Tim Raines
Mike Piazza
Curt Schilling
Mike Mussina
Jeff Bagwell
Fred McGriff

I did not vote for any player who is linked to performance enhancing drugs. Sorry, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Gary Sheffield.
I also did not vote for any closer (Trevor Hoffman and Lee Smith most notably). It is hard for me to think of these pitchers as among the best of all time pitchers in the game.  In my eyes, the save statistic is very flawed and bogus stat.
I am on the fence with Jeff Kent.  He is best hitting second baseman of all time in terms of  home runs and has a MVP under his belt.  But, he was a very mediocre fielder and hit his homers during the steroid era.  I am leaning "no" right now on Kent, but could be persuaded otherwise in the future.

Who I think will get in?
Ken Griffey Jr is a sure thing.  Piazza is highest vote getter among returnees (69.9 of the 75% vote needed).  I think he will sneak in, but with some controversy and debate.  Although Piazza has never been linked to PEDs, people have doubts about his innocence. 
Raines is getting more love each year, but I think he will fall just short.  Jeff Bagwell also.

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