Saturday, November 9, 2013

100 Greatest Players of All Time

For my 100th post here, I will name my 100 greatest players of all time. I tried to put them in the best order as I can, but it is all speculation and guessing.  I did include the players accused and admitted of steroid use, but they get knocked down on the list. I also included former Negro Leaguers and current players.  For the active guys, I only consider what they have accomplished, no projections as we can not predict the future. 

In considering each player, I take account not only his stats, but his overall play(fielding, baserunning, etc), individual awards, team championships and overall impact on the game. So  a catcher or good fielding outfielder will take precedence over a slugger like a Harmon Killebrew or Ralph Kiner.

Couple notes on some individual players, I included Alex Rodriguez. I don't how much of his stats and accomplishments are steroid aided and how much is legit. Plus, he is a rather poor teammate.  But his stats are so overwhelming, I had to include him.  Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmiero are not included because the legacies are dependent mostly just on individual statistics.  Manny Ramirez was more of a clutch post season player than the above, but he didn't do much more than being a great hitter. So, he is off the list also.
Mariano Rivera is my only closer.  All things considered equal I will take a starter over a closer.  I believe they are overall better pitchers.  Rivera is the best of all time and has been phenomenal in his career including post season, I had to include him also.
And here is the list:

100.  Alex_Rodriguez
99.  Mariano_Rivera
98. Ryne Sandberg
97. Robin_Yount
96. Tom_Glavine
95. Wade_Boggs
94. Dave_Winfield
93. Charlie_Gehringer
92. Ralph Kiner
91. Goose_Goslin
90. Ferguson_Jenkins
89. Ozzie_Smith
88. Kirby_Puckett
87. Miguel Cabrera
86. Albert_Pujols
85. Eddie_Plank
84. Dizzy_Dean
83. Sam_Crawford
82. Harmon_Killebrew
81. Ed_Walsh
80. Willie_Stargell
79. Brooks_Robinson
78. Paul_Waner
77. Joe_Medwick
76. Cal_Ripken,_Jr.
75. Eddie_Murray
74. Ichiro Suzuki
73. Willie_Keeler
72. Al_Kaline
71. Juan_Marichal
70. Pie_Traynor
69. Carl_Yastrzemski
68. Pedro Martinez
67. Oscar_Charleston
66. James "Cool_Papa" Bell
65. Mickey Cochrane
64. Jim_Palmer
63. Eddie_Mathews
62. Randy_Johnson
61. Rod_Carew
60. Joe_Morgan
59. Bill_Terry
58. Harry_Heilmann
57. Lou_Brock
56.  Bill_Dickey
55. Willie_McCovey
54. George_Brett
53. Roger_Clemens
52. Whitey_Ford
51. Barry_Bonds
50. Roy_Campanella
49. Tony_Gwynn
48. Reggie_Jackson
47. Buck_Leonard
46. Mel_Ott
45. Carl_Hubbell
44. Jackie_Robinson
43. Al_Simmons
42. Ken_Griffey_Jr
41. Nolan_Ryan
40. Ernie_Banks
39. Greg_Maddux
38. Yogi_Berra
37. Shoeless_Joe_Jackson
36. Bob_Feller
35. Hank_Greenberg
34. George_Sisler
33. Tom_Seaver
32. Rickey_Henderson
31. Bob_Gibson
30. Steve_Carlton
29. Nap_Lajoie
28. Mike_Schmidt
27. Tris_Speaker
26. Sandy_Koufax
25. Eddie_Collins
24. Pete_Rose
23. Lefty_Grove
22. Warren_Spahn
21. Frank_Robinson
20. Roberto_Clemente
19. Satchel_Paige
18. Josh_Gibson
17. Joe_DiMaggio
16. Johnny_Bench
15. Jimmie_Foxx
14. Cy_Young
13. Honus_Wagner
12. Grover_Cleveland_Alexander
11. Mickey_Mantle
10. Stan_Musial
9. Rogers_Hornsby
8. Ted_Williams
7. Christy_Mathewson
6. Lou_Gehrig
5. Walter_Johnson
4. Hank_Aaron
3. Ty_Cobb
2. Willie_Mays
1. Babe_Ruth

Why Babe Ruth #1?  Basically because, he was so much better than others in his era. He actually out homered teams for a full season.  He also was so hugely popular among fans and is considered help save the gave after the Black Sox Scandal of 1919.  But, the biggest attribute of Ruth is that prior to being the great home run hitter, he was a very good pitcher. No other player on the list can say that.

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