Monday, November 11, 2013

Card of the Week: Dave Winfield 1991 Topps Desert Shield

For Veteran's Day, I will talk about one of the more unique baseball sets that has a link to the military.   During the early parts of 1991, Operation Desert Shield (and later Desert Storm) was in force.  Topps baseball card company issued in addition to its 1991 set, a special marked set just for the military stationed in the Middle East.  The set consists of 792 cards and parallels the regular set.  The only difference is the Desert Shield stamp on the front.

They were distributed in packs like here in USA and given out to the military.  Many, of course, were damaged or lost before ever making back to the states.  No one officially knows how many are currently on the market.
Couple interesting notes about the set.  One is that the stars of baseball is bit easier to find because the collectors in the military wanted to keep them for themselves or used for resale.  The commons or regular players were often tossed away.  Also, for anyone who is interested in any of these cards, there are forgeries on the market.  Buyer beware!
The above Dave Winfield is the only I have of the set. I bought it off Ebay a while back, so I can say I have one. 

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