Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All Time Red Sox/Yankees Players

With free agent outfielder and former Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury signing with the Yankees on Tuesday, it got me thinking of other players who played for both franchises.  It is not a rarity.  There has been more than 300 players who played for both sides of this heated rivalry.
Here is a position by position look at these players.  I included Babe Ruth as an outfielder because he spent most of career as an outfielder and there are fewer outfielders than pitchers.  Also, the middle infield is very weak compared to the rest. I picked one in each to fill out the roster and they were chosen only because they were starters on pennant winners.
Babe Ruth (Bos 1914-1919, NY(1920-34)
Rickey Henderson (NY 1985-89, Bos 2002)
Johnny Damon (Bos 2002-05, NY(2006-09)
Jackie Jensen (NY 1950-52 Bos 54-61): World Series Champ w/ NY and AL MVP w/ BOS
Duffy Lewis (Bos 1910-17 NY 1919-20):  Babe Ruth wasnt the only star sold from Bos to NY that began the curse.

3rd Base:
Wade Boggs (Bos 1982-92 NY 1993-97)
Mike Lowell (NY 1998 Bos 2006-10)
Kevin Youkilis (Bos 2004-12 NY 2013)
Spike Owen (Bos 1986-88 NY 1993)
Second Base:
Mark Bellhorn (Bos 2004-05 NY 2005)
First Base:
George Scott (Bos 1967-71, 77-79  NY 1979)
Doug Mientkiewicz (Bos 2004 NY 2007): famously caught the last out that ended the curse and later played for NY
Elston Howard (NY 1955-1967 Bos 1967-68)
Don Baylor (NY 1983-85 NY 1986-87)
Jose Canseco (Bos 1995-96 NY 2000)

Starting Pitchers:
Hall of Famers:
Red Ruffing (Bos 1924-30 NY 30-46)
Jack Chesbro (NY 1903-09 Bos 1909): NY was known as the Higlanders during his days
Waite Hoyt (Bos 1919-20 NY 1921-30)
Herb Pennock (Bos 1915-22 NY 1923-33)
other starters of note:
Roger Clemens (Bos 1984-1996 NY 1999-2003, 2007)
Luis Tiant  (Bos 1971-78 NY 1979-1980)
Wes Ferrell (Bos 1934-37 NY 1938-39)
Bob Turley (NY 1955-62 Bos 1963)
David Cone (NY 1995-2000 Bos 2001)
Derek Lowe (Bos 1997-2004 NY 2012)
David Wells (NY 1997-98, 2002-03 Bos 2005-06)

Sparky Lyle (Bos 1967-71 NY 1972-78)
Lee Smith (Bos 1988-90 NY 1993)
Tom Gordon (Bos 1996-99 NY 2004-05)

Ralph Houk (NY 1961-63,  66-73 Bos 1981-84)
Don Zimmer (Bos 1976-80) NY bench coach 1996-2003)

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