Monday, December 23, 2013

One of Baseball's Best Known Rants

This past week Southern Illinois mens basketball coach Barry Hinson went on a rant following their loss to Murray State.  During his little tirade to the media, Hinson said he had a bunch of "mama's boys" on the team and his wife could make more baskets than his team.
This rant brings back memories of Allen Iverson's "practice", Jim Mora's "playoffs" and Herm Edwards' "We play to win the game" among others.  Baseball, of course, is not immune to post game rants to the media.  One of the most famous ones is authored by former Dodger manager Tom Lasorda in 1978.
Lasorda was asked of Cubs' Dave Kingman's performance against him that day.  Kingman only hit three home runs with eight RBIs.  You can hear the tirade here:

**warning: Not safe at work and parental discretion advised due to language


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