Friday, January 11, 2013

Baseball Lexicon: Wally Pipped

One of my favorite terms in the game is used when a player has been described as or is about to be Wally Pipped. It's origin is also a nice little piece of history also.
1992 Conlon

Wally Pipp was a 1st basemen who played from 1913-28, primarily for the New York Yankees. He was a known as a solid player with decent power.  Pipp managed to lead the American League in home runs twice, which he became the first Yankee player to do so.
On June 2, 1925 he went to his manager, Miller Huggins, complaining about a terrible headache.  Huggins told him not to worry, take the day off and be back in the lineup the next day.  Pipp's replacement on that day? None other than Lou Gehrig.  Gehrig went on to play the next 2,130 consecutive games for New York, which was at the time, a MLB record.  Pipp was sold to Cincinnati Reds before the 1926 season and later described the situation as "I took the two most expensive aspirin in history."

So you all better be careful when taking a day off from work.  Your replacement maybe so good that you will get Wally Pipped. 

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