Friday, January 25, 2013

Cincinnati Reds and random facts

This week Major League Baseball announced that the 2015 All Star game will be played at Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark.  This will be fifth time that Cincinnati will host the Midsummer's Classic. Previously in 1938 and 1953 and Crosley Field and 1970 and 1988 at Riverfront Stadium.  Because of this honor, I will give some random facts about the Cincinnati Reds and some of its players.

-Cincinnati Reds are recognized as first official professional baseball team.  The first game was played in 1869 and were then known as the Red Stockings.

-Because of this recognition, each season, the first game of professional baseball was played at Cincinnati from 1876-1989. Only twice it did not occur, 1877 and 1966, and it was because of rainouts.

-Their first World Series was won in 1919, but has a tarnished legacy.  This is the year of the Black Sox scandal, where several members of Chicago White Sox took money to throw the World Series

-On May 24, 1935, the first official night game took place at Cincinnati's Crosley Field. Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1

-In 1938, Johnny Vander Meer pitched consecutive no-hitters. June 11 vs Boston and four days later vs Brooklyn Dodgers. The only pitcher ever to throw back to back no hitters.

-Baseball's first televised game was between Cincinnati and Brooklyn at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field.
1957 Topps

-Slugger Ted Kluszewski played for the Reds 1947-57. He was mostly remembered for not wearing sleeves as a part of his uniform

-During the McCarthyism of the 1950s in America, the Reds officially changed their name to the Cincinnati Redlegs.

-1970s were the most successful period for the franchise as they won six divisional titles, four National League pennants and two world Series titles. They were led by their potent lineup called the Big Red Machine. Players included Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez and others.

-Overall Cincinnati has won 11 Divisional titles, nine National League pennants and five World Series championships.

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