Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Memoriam: Earl Weaver and Stan Musial

Saturday was a sad day for the game of baseball as two hall of famers passed away. Earl Weaver and Stan Musial.
1981 Donurss

Earl Weaver was the manager for the Baltimore Orioles from 1969-82 and then again in 1985-86.  During his time with the Orioles, they won four American League pennants and one World Series title while accumulating a record of 1,480-1,060.  Weaver's managerial philosophy was pitching, defense and wait for the three run home run, which usually worked as the Orioles won 100 games in a season five times. Weaver was also ahead of his time when he used his entire roster and had index cards filled with stats for player matchups.  He was best known for being fiery as he was ejected more than 90 times in his career, even one day on both ends of a doubleheader, but also had a good sense of humor.  One of his former pitchers, Dan Stanhouse, he dubbed "full pack" because it took a full pack of cigarettes to get through one of his games.  The "Earl of Baltimore" was truly on of the game's best managers.
1960 Topps

There is a hall of famers and then there is Stan "The Man" Musial.  Mostly because he played out of the limelight of the east coast, he is often overlooked on the national scale. But he does belong in the same class as Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays as his stats and awards prove it.  Musial was a 24-time All Star, 7-time NL batting champion, 3-time NL MVP and World Series champion.  Musial's career stats include: .331 avg, 475 home runs and 1,951 RBIs.  To show how consistent of hitter he was, exactly half of his 3,630 career hits were at home and on the other on the road.  He did all this with humility, as he one of the most liked players.  During retirement, he always had a harmonica handy for any time he got a request to play "Take Me Out To The Ballgame": 

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