Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jim Leyland in a nutshell

While I was surfing the internet and reading about Jim Leyland's legacy as a manager. I came across this video.  This 30 second video embodies everything Leyland is and what he stands for.
Jim Leyland video

As he argues with the umpire, it shows his passion for the game and his competitive spirit.  It also showing him defending his players.  Every player wants and respects a manager who will be there for them and Leyland did that, almost to a fault.

When "God Bless America" is played he stops and honors America. This shows his respect he has for others and USA.  After the playing of "God Bless America", he resumes his beef with the umpire.  Because he is the type of person who will fight for what he believes in to the very end and not change.

After watching it all, one can't help but laugh at the end and as anyone knows who has listened to Leyland before, he has a great sense of humor.
Baseball will be lacking just a little without having Jim Leyland in one of it's dugouts, but as Leyland said on Monday, "it's time".  On behalf of all fans of baseball, I would like to say, thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.  

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