Saturday, October 19, 2013

When You Thought You've Seen It All

Longtime baseball fans know that no matter how many games one watches, there are plays that occur that make you say "I've never seen that before".
For example, earlier in the year, Detroit Tiger Max Scherzer struck out a batter with a pitch that ended in the dirt. Usually, the catcher usually picks up the ball and throw the ball to first to complete the strike out.  On this particular play, the ball bounced far enough into play that Scherzer, himself, threw to first for the out.

On Friday before Game 6 of the NLCS, something else happened that would fall into this category. After the playing of the national anthem, St, Louis Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly and Los Angeles Dodgers reserve outfielder  Scott Van Slyke decided to do standoff.

They stood there and waited to for the other to make their move to the dugout.  As time went on, a Dodger teammate went to put a helmet on Van Slyke.  They lasted all the way up to the first pitch of the game when home plate umpire Greg Gibson ordered them off the field.
I guess boys will be boys. Or you we just came across two of the most patriotic players in MLB history.  Oh, as for the game,  Cardinals won and clinched the NL pennant in resounding fashion, 9-0.

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