Monday, September 2, 2013

Card of Week: 1988 Topps Big Andre Dawson

A popular trend in trading cards now is using designs of sets from decades ago.  One of the earliest sets to do this was the 1988 Topps Big.  Topps released a "big" set in three series of 88 cards each in 1988.  It took the design of the popular 1956 Topps set including the slightly larger size. Here is a pic of a 1956 Topps:
As you can see it has action photo to go along with the portrait of the player. The backs contain a comic strip theme to tell some of career highlights of player. The past year's stats and career stats shown at bottom.
The 1988 Topps Big set doesnt have the exact same design as the 56 set, but uses it as theme and the backs are the same between the two.
1988 Topps Big

I picked the Andre Dawson because he coming off his MVP season of 1987. And the action photo reminds me of this recent commercial that always makes me chuckle:

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