Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some People in Baseball Need To Grow Up

Two different scenarios occurred in games on Monday night that has always got me under my skin.  First of which was in the Tigers/White Sox game.  During Miguel Cabrera's first plate appearance, there was a disputed call by Cabrera to home plate umpire Brian Gorman.  Gorman was right on the call, Cabrera showed his disapproval without much incident and got tossed.

As you can see, Cabrera was not demonstrative in his argument nor physical toward Gorman in any way.   I see umpires too often seem to look for throwing a player out of the game.  Either they are continuing the argument when not needed or looking back at the player, manager, dugout, etc. and waiting for something to happen so he can toss someone.  The game is not about them.  Umpires need to swallow their pride, have some thick skin and let the players vent their frustration and let them continue to play.  Pennant races are at stake here and the umpire should not have any factor in the outcome of the game other than calling the plays. 
I also feel bad for the fans who came out to the game to watch their favorite team and players especially a superstar like Miguel Cabrera.  The umpire took away that experience for thousands of people when not needed.

The other event occurred during the Yankees/Orioles game.  Yankees manager Joe Girardi and Orioles skipper Buck Showalter got in a heated argument on the field where Girardi accused the Orioles of stealing signs.  I have never had a problem of players/coaches stealing signs.  It is a part of the game.  I see it as no different than a pitcher tipping his pitches or have a premature move to home or to a base for an easy stolen base against.  If your signs are easily deciphered or in the open to see, I am sorry, the other team has the right to exploit the other's flaw. It is time for the team to change the signs or hide them better so it won't occur again.   On the other hand, if someone is using a set binoculars or a camera to steal signs, that is cheating my book.  On the field of play, everything is fair in the heat of the battle. It is the team's job to outperform and outmaneuver the other in order to get the win.

The game of baseball is a child's game played by adults. It does not give people the right to act like children.  It is time for adults to act like adults.  It will make it more enjoyable for everyone.

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