Sunday, September 15, 2013

In Case You Missed It: Vin Scully

A while back, some friends and I were discussing who would we want to narrate our life story. It came down to actors Morgan Freeman and Sam Elliott.  Freeman got most of the votes, including mine.
But, It got me thinking that I would love to have Vin Scully also.  Even in his mid 80s, he still does a great job of doing Dodger games.  He is so eloquent and poetic in his storytelling, he could make the broadcast enjoyable even if the viewer had no interest in the game.  Heck, Scully probably could make paint drying sound interesting.
Anyways, here is the one and only, Vin Scully telling the viewers about the history of Friday the 13th during this past Friday's Dodger game:
Scully on Friday the 13th

I always learn something new from Scully.  He probably would teach me something new about myself if he told my life story.
He should do every World Series from here on out before he retires.  The American public should have all the chances they can to listen him to do a game.  He is a baseball treasure.

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