Monday, September 16, 2013

Card of the Week: Andrew McCutchen 2005 Bowman Heritage

For this week's card, I will honor the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Why?  Because for the first time in twenty years, the Pirates clinched a winning season this past week.
It is a long standing franchise and deserve to be recognized and have a winner again.  Since I don't own the Holy Grail of baseball cards- Honus Wagner T206 card. If you don't know, Wagner of the Pirates was one of the best players in early 1900s and his 1909 T206 baseball card is the most sought after in the hobby.  I will show you my rookie card of the best player on the current Pirates ballclub-Andrew McCutchen.
2005 Bowman Heritage

This is the mahogany parallel of the Bowman Heritage set that I was lucky enough to pull out of a pack.  McCutchen was the 11th overall pick of the MLB draft in 2005 and has developed into an all star and a perennial MVP candidate. Beyond baseball he has other talents.
Such as an artist:

And does impersonations also:

I am personally rooting for this guy and hope the Pirates make the playoffs so the nation can get to know "Cutch".

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