Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jim Abbott's No Hitter

Wednesday was the 20th anniversary of Jim Abbott's no hitter. What makes this no hitter extra special is that Abbott was born without a right hand.  Pretty amazing accomplishment.  He became rather adept of having his glove on his right arm and quickly putting on his throwing hand just after pitching the ball for fielding.
1989 Score

He was originally a California Angel, but pitched his no hitter as a New York Yankee in 1993.  A couple personal thoughts from me.  I remember the day he pitched the gem. My dad, brother and I were out golfing for the day. As we made it the clubhouse before making the turn to the back nine for a beverage, we saw the tail end of the game. 
Also, to this day, Abbott is still the only player out of University Michigan I actually rooted for in professional sports. Hard not to cheer for this guy.  And yes, I am a Spartan, through and through.

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